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About Us


Breeding Since 1932​

Three generations ago, starting in 1932, our family began raising Caucasian shepherds and providing the guard dogs to the Interior Ministry of the Soviet Union (NKVD) for the purposes of the law enforcement, border security and protection of the government facilities. The descendants of our dogs formed the great breed that is internationally acclaimed today.

Current Iz Gohrana's director George joined the family tradition in 1983. Under George’s leadership Iz Gohrana has gained further recognition and today our kennel has an established history of cooperation with the Russian Ministry of the Interior Affairs (MIA) Central Governance of the Non-Departmental Security and with the MIA’s Center of the Special-Purpose Security. Our Caucasian Shepherds successfully serve as guard dogs and watch dogs protecting various government facilities. Iz Gohrana became a registered Fédération Cynologique Internationale member in 2010.

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